Tuesday, June 10, 2008



Some of you may have noticed that I'm working toward the Randonneurs USA R-12 award. Briefly stated, it means I need to complete a RUSA-sanctioned brevet or permanent for 12 consecutive months. The shortest distance is 200km. Every month. Miss a month, start over.

Messing around with motivational posters

"Those must be easy now, huh?". No. They are never easy. Even if one is a professional cyclist, rides of 100+ miles are never easy. What keeps me going is that I know if I keep on going, I will finish, and finish within the time limit. Headwinds and suboptimal weather notwithstanding.

Best to you, on your next cycling challenge!

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beth02116 said...

You are a HGUE inspiration to me! I love reading about your rides. I found you via Rav forum. 2 of my fav things -biking and knitting and i have a huge fascination about Portland- so love the photos. seems there are SO many crafters out there.
BEST of luck in your goal! You can do it!
take care.