Monday, March 9, 2009

And no working bike computer, either...

We managed to complete Saturday's Permanent without a fully functioning bike computer among the three of us.

My venerable (10+ years old) Cateye Astrale finally gave it up. It will reliably pick up cadence, but not speed. It has gotten new batteries, sandpaper on the contacts... There is a nick in the speedo pickup cable, which maybe needs new electrical tape, but I'm thinking it is just dying of old age and too much riding in the rain. So I'd be seeing my speed vary wildly, from 0 to whatever I was really riding. I've got to say, it is really demoralizing grinding up a roller on the Cascade Highway, and seeing a readout of "0".

Lesli's computer was flaky, but at least recording total distance.

Tom didn't have a computer.

New bike computer for me. Good thing there is a gift-giving event in the near future.

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