Monday, February 8, 2010

Riding Two Days in a Row - 95 miles

The theory here is to get the mileage up, such that I might be able to ride a 200k next month and not die. I know, good luck with that.

Saturday was leading the Portland Velo 15s again. We have got ourselves a nice little group, for sure. The route was basically a Dairy Creek out and back, getting to Dairy Creek Rd one way, and coming back another way. It was possibly going to rain, so Bleriot made the trip. I rode to and from the ride, as well. Brief moment of Life Flashing Before My Eyes as a big truck absolutely needed to pass a large group of cyclists headed my way as I was blissfully pedaling up Dairy Creek, for the moment, solo. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! I was checking out the ditching opportunities - not so good. But clearly, I survived, or you wouldn't be reading this. Had a Sweet Salty Peanut Bar at the turnaround while everyone explored the wonders of the bridge on Fern Flat over the creek. It was not raining there, for once :-)

Then back out (thanks to Mike B for pulling) and over through North Plains onto Shadybrook. Where I started fading again. Clearly I needed more than a basic bowl of oatmeal and that granola bar. The folks I ride with are so nice - they don't mind waiting. Sucked down a gel at the schoolhouse by the pallet factory, which perked me up enough to ride the last nine miles back to Longbottoms. Our goal for the ride was to finish before 2pm, and we did. Farm Plate ordered, I settled down to visit with Linda R, Meagan, Robyn, and Mike. Einar stopped by as well. Then off to ride the last 10+ miles home. No stopping on the Park Way hill today!

It is worth noting that, while my overall riding average for the 65 miles was 12.39, my riding average for the Portland Velo portion was 44.21 miles at 13.24. On Bleriot.

Sunday, Cecil, Beth and I met up for a N/NE PDX wander, which would put us at Smith and Bybee lakes, Kelley Point, and Little Red Bike Cafe. And, except for the miles-long train that was keeping us from entering the water treatment plant which leads to Smith and Bybee Lakes, it would have been perfect. As it was, we re-evaluated, and wandered around some more (one of these years I will be less directionally challenged in that part of town), to end up at the cafe. Lucky us, we scored an inside table! Once we headed back to Willamette Blvd, I then figured out where I was. I do enjoy riding around the east side, lots of it is like riding through neighborhoods with really nice houses (nice: covered front porch, real windows, gee that looks like Grandma's house!). Then there is Alameda, which are completely aspirational houses, except I wouldn't want anything that large anymore. Back to Cecil's where I made off with some iris rhizomes and a handful of fresh rosemary.

Just over 30 miles at the blistering pace of 10.78, some of which can be attributed to in-city riding. Lots of stopping.


Kevin said...

10.78? Perhaps you should think about joining my social biking group, or we should think about joining you! Glad you are getting some miles logged. No worries, you'll be ready!

lynnef said...

Kevin - maybe, if you have broken ribs or a really bad cold. Otherwise it would be pretty boring for you.

Kevin said...

broken ribs and a really bad cold? Been there, done that. Luckily not both at the same time!

Anonymous said...

Really glad to have joined you and Cecil last Sunday. Bummer about the train but it was still fun. Thanks!