Sunday, May 2, 2010

Kaiser Brooks Revisited

Way back in January, I led this ride for Portland Velo. It is a hilly one. Didn't ride it all that well in January, either - we skipped the last climb.

Saturday, I had a do-over. No stopping on the hills; even went back down part of Kaiser (that would be the steepest of the three climbs) to check on one of the riders. Overall avg was faintly faster, with more climbing and a headwind. Must be sucking less bad :-)

Beautiful views out over the valley from Pumpkin Ridge Drive (including a ride right by my CSA, Pumpkin Ridge Gardens) - fields of blooming wild mustard, llamas, sheep, cows, chickens... The wheat is up, too, and it was shiny and waving in the breeze (cough, headwind, cough).

Did our standard stop at St Francis in Roy. Met the parish priest while we were standing around waiting for a train to pass.

Had my standard Farm Plate and coffee upon return to Longbottom's; visiting with the earlier-returning riders.

But because the rides now start at 9am, I somehow could not get myself on the road by 8am, and had to drive. Shame on me. I'll do better next time.

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