Sunday, August 8, 2010

New Bicycle in the house (well, garage)

and Sweetpea is home! Natalie called Friday morning, so I public transited myself over there a bit after 5pm, installed the computer, and rode home over the hill - 12+ miles. It climbs very nicely; I had great fun riding up SW Fairview.

Still need to figure out how to mount the Supernova E3 light - those clever Germans don't use the standard-here E6 hex nut.

You probably want to see pictures....

getting ready to climb over the hill


Build details:
details (as well as I can remember them)
custom Sweetpea frame, S&S couplers, new Sweetpea logo
SON delux hub (and I can't tell it is even there when I am powering the
light. WAY COOL.)
there will be a Supernova E3 light, as soon as I puzzle out how to mount it.
Thought I had it, but no.
Aerohead rims
Michelin Megamium tires
White Industries H3 hub
Sugino triple crank
Shimano Tiagra front der, Deore rear der
11-27 9sp cassette (or is it 11-28? don't remember)
Nitto seatpost
Velo Orange headset and stem, with green Chris King spacers (Natalie's idea,
and it looks way cool!)
Salsa Poco handlebars
DiaCompe bar end shifters
Cinelli corky tape
Tektro R556 brakes
Cane Creek SCR 5C brake levers, silver, gum hoods
green VO cable housing
custom teeny front rack
Terry Butterfly saddle
Speedplay Frog pedals
hammered Honjo fenders
a bottom bracket that will be replaced with another one to get a better
Q-factor (Natalie's plan)


Janice in GA said...

Congratulations!!!! The new bike is LOVELY!

May you ride many happy, safe miles together. I'm jealous. :)

Anonymous said...

The color is stunning! However, I'd change the saddle to tan, to match the brake hoods... get rid of the black handlebar and find a silver one, and go for a fancy leather handlebar tape, something called handlebra... About the saddle, I think the Ideale 92D would be perfect!

lynnef said...

If there existed a silver handlebar that FIT me, it would be there. As for the saddle - there is a Brooks that may come out of detention. No fancy handlebar tape.

Dave said...

Beautiful, I am also jealous. It would look great climbing some hills around my place and picking some blackberries.

bikelovejones said...

I think the first night a new bike comes home you should be allowed to park it in the living room, and instead of watching TV you watch the bike. I did this with The Rivvy and found it to be therapeutic. But I'm geeky that way.

orc said...

I really like the looks of the black handlebar. What little you see of it looks very good against the black parts of the brake hoods, the green headset spacer, and the black saddle.

It gives it more of a fitted for riding look, which is really nice to see on a custom bicycle.

Richard said...

I like the bag.