Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sweetpea gets a page in The Book

After 626 miles of completely enjoying riding Sweetpea, I did notice that the chain might need cleaning.  That accomplished (also the Brooks saddle relaced with something a bit more durable), I then added Sweetpea to The Book.


After I built up Bleriot, I realized I'd have to start really keeping track of when I cleaned chains, replaced parts, did major maintenance, etc.  And, with two (at the time) bikes, I'd better write it down somewhere!

Bleriot, pg 1

Bleriot, page 2

Hence, The Book.  Each bike has a section, and, other than date and odometer reading, it is pretty free-form.  I like to know how long my wheels have lasted, how many miles are on a tire, when did I last change a chain (or for that matter, clean one :-) ).  I'd be even better if I noted when I swapped out the batteries in the blinkies.  (note to self...)

There are 4 bikes in the book - Bleriot, Lemond, Sweetpea, and Gitane, with Bleriot having the distinction of two full pages.


I've got to wonder how the folks I know with, um, many (15, 50) bikes keep up with it all...


bikelovejones said...

In all my years as a wrench I have NEVER kept maintenance notes on any bike I've owned long-term. (Yes, I know that's surprising. But bikes have mostly tended to go through me, rather than stick for more than a few years. The blue Rivvy is the rare exception.)

That is an impressive piece of documentation you've got there!

lynnef said...

I come by this honestly. My dad has a notebook with the maintenance details of EVERY CAR HE HAS EVER OWNED. My dad used to buy, fix, and eventually sell cars as a hobby. That's a lot of cars.