Sunday, February 6, 2011

Small World

So, I'm cycling over after work to get my hair cut this past Thursday.  At  the corner of Jenkins and Murray, there appears a cyclist from behind.

"Wow! That bike is really set up for touring!".  (Bleriot w/nifty new Ortlieb panniers)  "Is that a Rivendell?"  "Love the fenders!"  I never pass up compliments to my bike :-)

So, his name is Donald, and he's got front AND rear panniers, because he's a massage therapist and all his work stuff is in there.  As I was headed for a haircut, and not home, I was happy to chat routes with him.  I am evasive as to my route and where I'm headed when I'm riding home.

So we talked bikes, and rode together through Tektronix, south on Hocken, left on Farmington, right on whatever that street is west of Beaverton High School, left on 5th... and, as we approached Main, I told him I'd be leaving him here.

"Oh!  Are you going to Suyapa's?"  Well, yes, I was.  She's been cutting my hair for about 30 years now.  Very Small World!

Suyapa cracked up when I told her.

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