Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bike Shorts - My Favorite Ones

For the last number of long rides, the cycling shorts I have grabbed out of the drawer have been my She-wool (or Smart-beest) hybrid shorts.  Mind you, I have a BREATHTAKING number of cycling shorts; they all fit, but these are the ones I wear.

I reviewed the Smartwool Ewetopia shorts for Road Bike Review a couple of years ago.  I really, really liked the fabric and the fit, except that I just couldn't wear the wool-faced chamois for any length of time.

Now, I have no reservations remodeling clothing that needs it.  And I had an unattached Shebeest chamois (my all-time favorite one, I might add).  After some quality time with a seam ripper, and some careful pinning and sewing (note: wooly nylon thread does not work in a standard sewing machine), I had the perfect pair.

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