Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Recovery ride

So after the Tahuya adventure, you'd think I'd not ride for awhile. I did not get onto the bike until Friday, to commute to work, and to see if riding the North Plains - Vernonia permanent populaire was a possibility. Susan did say "conversation pace." Cecil joined in, and Jeff, fresh from climbing Mt. Hood AND participating in a sprint triathlon, joined us as well.

If I rode to Susan and Jeff's, rode to the start, did the ride and rode home, it would be almost a century. I elected to drive to their house.

Cecil rode over from her house. She'd gotten there early, and elected to do hill loops for 30 minutes. I'll never get to drop her on a hill again. It was fun while it lasted.

The four of us zipped over to North Plains to get a receipt and start the permanent. The ride was great, as usual, but clearly Susan and Cecil were talking much faster than I was. Jeff kept me company. We reminisced about the trail before it was paved. Jeff: "I miss the muddy dirt section". Got some pictures on the trestle this time.

Riding over the Mendenhall Creek trestle

So, got to Vernonia. Cecil and Susan were waiting. Cecil wanted to know if I had gotten a flat. Yeah, right. My heart rate was certainly still flat!

Susie and Cecil at the Black Bear Coffee Company in Vernonia

Leisurely lunch. There was a huge crowd of cyclists at the Black Bear Coffee Company. And then headed back. It drizzled a bit, and everyone but me was having a rapidly paced conversation. Flats. That was it.

Jeff, waving

Back to North Plains, then back to the house. We consumed half of a yummy strawberry rhubarb pie.

That was a whole pie before Susie, Jeff, and I got started

Then back home. 75 miles.

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bikelovejones said...

Pie? Did someone say PIE?
I happen to LOVE Strawberry-Rhubarb pie.
Send up a flare next time? (
(Better yet, would you consider saving me a slice and bringing it out to short-track?)

Sorry, I just get all wacky around good pie.

Seriously, I am SO happy to see evidence of your full recovery and goget'em-ness this summer! Whooot!