Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Cycling

Miles in total, 5804.3.  About a mile less than last year.

Bleriot      1136.75
Sweetpea 4353.64
Lemond     313.91

Sweetpea should break 10000 cumulative miles by February 2013 at the latest.  Bleriot keeps chugging along - great commute/utility bike, and it even went on a 200km checkride for my Michigan permanent.  Clearly Lemond is not getting the love, but it did go on a couple of 200k rides.  Ones that didn't require lighting or luggage or fenders.

Randonneurs USA (RUSA) km ridden: 5295km

771km more than last year, plus finally breaking 5000km

24 rides of more than 100 miles, 18 of which were Randonneurs USA brevets or permanents.

 8  Populaires (< 200k)
14 200k
 2 300k
 1 400k
 1 600k

Another Super Randonneur award, another R-12, and the 5000km distance award.  Not a bad year.

Thank you to all my riding buddies - Michal, Susan, Kevin, David, Lesli, Ray, Theo, and Asta!  Here's to more rides in 2013!

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skiffrun said...

Upon following the most-recently-updated blog link on Andy's RUSA Blog, brought me here.

A stats post? Better be careful -- people might think they're looking at my blog (except for the color scheme, etc.).

Then, for kicks, I checked early-Jan-2012 / late-Dec-2011 ... and learned that you do "stats posts" ... once a year seems a good schedule. Maybe I should try that -- uh, probably not.

Congrats on reaching new PR's!