Friday, February 8, 2013

Lunch in Vernonia and a Really Big Milestone

I couldn't ride the 200k last Saturday, as I had other plans, but managed to convince Susan that she could not work on Sunday, and ride the North Plains - Banks-Vernonia Linear Trail 100k.

Framing is everything

We started at the somewhat civilized hour of 9am, rode the uneventful 8 or so miles to Banks, bought snacks in the grocery, and headed north on the trail.  It was foggy, but was supposed to clear off and warm up.  It did neither.

But we had great fun riding through the misty forest.  As Susan had just ridden a 200k the day before, we were mostly at social pace, but I did, perhaps, just a tiny bit, enjoy dropping her on the few hills on the route.

Susan, glove in mouth

Susan had tried an energy bar creation of her own devising, so she gave me a piece.  Tasty.  I gave her some fruitcake.

Susan taking a picture of me

We looped around Vernonia Lake - Susan didn't know it was there (I didn't either, until Ray showed me), and answered the info control question.  Then back to Black Bear Cafe for lunch, before returning.  They've got a new bike rack.

Lunch at Black Bear

A couple of cyclists came in after us, and one looked really familiar... it was the father of one of my Girl Scouts, who was also involved with the Cub Scout pack, so we got to catch up on everyone's doings in the past, mmm, 18 years.   Plus, of course, talk about cycling.  I apparently inspired him those many years ago.  Cool.

Lunch arrived, and I snarfed my way through the Reuben sandwich and fries and coffee.

Time to head back.  The mist was still with us.  I stopped to get a picture in a stretch of very tall trees.  Susan and I stood there for awhile, listening to a pack of coyotes singing off in the woods.

Doesn't Susan look tiny?

Fog and moss

We stopped in Banks for hot chai.  As it was a control, there was some dithering in the booth, but we got hand-written receipts.

Susan in Banks on the return

Finished up at 6:05 elapsed time.  Not the fastest, but the point of this particular populaire is not speed.

Good day!

Oh, and that milestone...
Sweetpea joined Bleriot (being repaired, it will return) and Lemond in the 10,000+ mile club. Big smile!

All the pics here


Anonymous said...

I'm interested in randonneuring. My hope is to complete a populaire this year. Your blog is inspiring. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Wow! 10,000 miles. I can't even imagine but congratulations. Maybe my new Sam and I will get into the thousands this year (she's brand new and took the maiden ride today).