Thursday, April 18, 2013

Flèche Planning

As I was the first (and thus, only) one of the two original team members to propose a route, I somehow found myself as captain.

Obsessing over finalizing the route (at the moment, EXACTLY 360km), figuring out the controls, finding places to eat, estimating about when we'd arrive at the 22hr control, and back out from there to figure out when to start.

Lots of email exchanges with local riders.  Some have been asking me about our roads as well.

Figuring out a team name.

Recruiting a new team member when two members and one alternate bow out.  We are back up to four.

Getting the forms filled out and signed.  Lots of scanned signatures flowing up and down the internets.

(yes, there are a couple of brevet routes which need attention.  They'll be approved soon...)

Pro tip:
Figure out your slowest possible pace to get to the 22hr control at 22hr, with no pause there.
Figure out your slightly more optimistic pace to get to the 22hr control at 20hr, so you get to pause.
(If you have Excel superpowers, and/or know how to exploit online hints and help, you are golden.  Doing real arithmetic with time in Excel can sometimes be tricky)

In our case, we are leaving Beaverton at 7pm, arriving Astoria right around 6am, when the Pig and Pancake opens.  22 hour control is in McCleary, then we've got 2 hours to go 20 miles; 10 gently uphill.

Fun.  Oh, you betcha!

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