Sunday, September 22, 2013

Try the Cinnamon Roll Pancakes at the Block House Cafe...

That was Ken's recommendation.  We (Jeff A, Kevin L, and I) were out riding Ken's Dayton Flier permanent populaire from Forest Grove to Dayton.

Now, you might think, Forest Grove to Dayton, dead easy.  I have done it in my sleep... We didn't go that way.

The weather was damp and drizzly, but not cold enough to consider anything more than toe covers, vest, and wool arm warmers.  We headed west from the Forest Grove Safeway, and out Ritchey Rd, then Stringtown, Dilley, and Old Hwy 47 on the way to the Lake Stop Store, the first control.

Jeff was continuing my education in all things agricultural - he grew up on a farm.  I know what silage is now.

Kevin kept getting calls from his wife and pulling over, and what with starting, mmm, a bit late, we made the control with just a few minutes.  Not that we were worried.

We were meant to continue south on Old Hwy 47, but the road is closed because the bridge over Scoggins Creek is temporarily not there.  I knew this, and we just went east on Scoggins Valley Rd, back onto Hwy 47, and then off it again just north of Gaston.  (Remember this for the upcoming Scavenger Hunt 200.  Same detour).

Ate my way through lox and bagel along here.  Great ride food, I must say!

South on Spring Hill and Laughlin, then east on 240.  Wonderful pavement, but lacking shoulders.  And, on a blind curve...

pic by way of Claire Petersky
a person driving a car chose to pass the three of us.  On a double yellow.  Remember I said blind curve?  With oncoming traffic, which we could see and he couldn't?  I yelled.  They pulled over.  Words were exchanged, mostly me using words like "blind curve" and "double yellow" and "you couldn't see if anything was coming!".  His brilliant response... "it's a goddamn road!"  Mmm.  Didn't get it.  We left, they passed and slowed down; the passenger yelled out the window: "you should be careful who you yell at!".  Jeff had some observations about them, which I will not repeat here.  Kevin was in a bit of shock; he hasn't met that Lynne.

Anyway, we soon turned off onto Stag Hollow, which is a dirt road.  We had to slow down a bit, and pick our line through the washboard, but it wasn't too bad.  And there were other roads which I had not been on before, eventually crossing roads I did recognize, a bit more gravel, a great pedestrian bridge, and we were in Dayton!  How'd that happen?

Pedestrian Bridge, Dayton

The drizzle stopped somewhere along Stag Hollow Rd, not to be seen again for the rest of the ride.

Anyway, we had 20 minutes in the bank and I thought the cinnamon roll pancakes sounded really good.  We got a table quickly, but nothing was quick after that.  We passed the time by getting our cards in order, chatting with the other patrons (Kevin had a great conversation with the little boy at the next table), drinking coffee, and updating our followers :-)  The cinnamon roll pancakes WERE tasty.  Tip: only order one, they are huge.  And, an hour later, we were headed back.  If you do the math, we had 2:45 to cover 32 miles.

Cinnamon Roll pancakes. Block House Cafe, Dayton

Oooh.  I was inspired.  We exited the Dayton the way we came in, but the return was not the same.  Ken found more dirt roads for us to ride on.  When we summited the last one, it turned back to pavement and a fun descent to 240.  We then turned north on Laughlin and worked with the tailwind to get back as quickly as possible.  From here, it was back the way we came.

I am very sure that ditching my venerable multitool (a Trek-branded one from 2003) for the Topeak Rachet Rocket, saving me a whole 5oz, contributed to my ability to keep pushing it.

I kept watching the clock and odometer, and getting a little bit tense.  And pedaling.  Up the three big rollers on Spring Hill, into Gaston, up Hwy 47 to Scoggins Valley Rd.  A flying pass through the Lake Stop store.  Same cashier as the morning, she was highly amused.  A couple more big rollers on Old Hwy 47, a few more miles (still looking at the clock!) and the last climb up Ritchey Rd into Forest Grove.  We had 10 minutes left.  And I relaxed, because all we had to do was get to the other side of town.

Finished with 5 minutes to spare.  The closing receipt was the most expedient I could think of - Diet Pepsi at the checkout stand!

Finish, rando style

We did the rando-style finish, sitting on the pavement outside filling out cards.  Kevin said I made him hurt on the hills.  Hey, I wasn't stopping or slowing, we needed to get done!

Total time: 6:43
Riding average: 13.6 mph
Miles: 64.3

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