Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Permanent Populaire #2374 - Hagg Lake 106k

There is now a permanent populaire from Beaverton out to Hagg Lake and back.

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Starting at my favorite Beaverton perms start at SW Canyon Rd and SW 117th Ave, we head west on SW Jenkins/SW Baseline through Hillsboro, until it merges with SW TV Hwy.

Jim and Patty's Coffee

NOTE: if the way is blocked in Hillsboro because of the Farmers' Market, just turn left until you get to SW TV Hwy (two blocks), then turn right.  It may be signed SW Baseline still.

The first control is in Forest Grove, and by now, I am ready for a big sticky bun at Maggie's Buns.  You might like Pizza Schmizza or Scotties (burgers).

Coffeeneuring #6, sticky bun as big as my head

Then south out of Forest Grove and west to the circumnavigation of Hagg Lake.

Tanner Creek entering Hagg Lake

Hagg Lake, from the Scoggins Valley Dam

Our last on-course control is the grocery in Gaston.  Friendly people, fabulous soundtrack, coffee, bananas, snacks, and high quality chocolate bars.

Old barn, Old OR 47

Gaston. Randos in the sunshine.  At least one was named Michael.

And then back we go, along quieter roads back to the start in Beaverton.  If you need to stop before, Forest Hills Golf Course at mile 50.2 has a snack bar and restrooms.  But the water in their outside water fountain is terrible.  Don't go there.

At the finish you will find many coffee shops and expedient food stops to get your finish receipt.

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Graham Ross said...

Sharon Ross and I had a delightful, calm, wet day on the tandem. Jim and Patty's has an extensive menu of egg breakfast sandwiches. I had the Sweet Lorraine. Sharon had something involving tomatoes. The 15 arterial kms in the early going give a direct route to Forest Grove, all with a bike lane or a big smooth shoulder. The early Saturday traffic was not a problem. At Maggie's there are a lot of baked goods on display, children eating cinnamon rolls the size of their heads, and so on. Everyone seemed to be a regular. I ate a brownie with rainbow sprinkles. Sharon ate half of a big white-cake chocolate chip muffin. We stashed the other half in the handlebar bag. We timed our flat tire to coincide with Lake Stop Grocery, where there is a place to do repairs out of the rain and soap and hot water in the back room. These middle 30 kms include the moderately hilly Hagg Lake lollipop (lovely!) and a lot of quiet rural roads. The Hagg Lake loop had been closed previously. We encountered a 25 mph section with lots of traffic cones. The road was reduced to one lane where the other half of the road had clearly slid downhill. At Ralph's we were not too hungry, thanks to that muffin, so we split a V-8. The final 20+ kms are mostly roomy roads. Tongue Lane was the exception, with a ditch right at the fog line and some truck traffic. Ick. At the finish I found that Jim and Patty's also has an extensive menu of mochas, including a Habanero one which is awesome.
All but Hiatt were familiar roads to me, having done quite a few brevets and perms in Washington County. Jim & Patty's, Maggie's and Ralph's did not disappoint. This is very fine way to ride 106kms on a bike. Thanks, Lynne!