Friday, October 3, 2014

A Rare Kevin-Spotting

I haven't ridden with Kevin L since JUNE. Months!  We got out for the West County 100 Perm Pop this past Sunday, and it was great!

As I had time constraints after, I drove to the start, although, after my local routes, this one is the next closest, and not a big deal to ride there.  I was parking, and Kevin rolled up.  He rode to the start.  There was a handoff of Frog pedals, and then we wandered over to the Jackson's C-store for the starting rituals.

So, first we rode out to Banks, then west on Cedar Canyon (info control!), and further west on Hwy 6, our first timed control at the Shell Station.  Long line at the checkout.

We'd had a headwind of sorts to here, and then, was we turned south and a bit east, picked up the occasional gift which is the killer tailwind on Gales Creek, all the way to Stringtown Rd.  It was wonderful.


Stripey Trees Corner

trees turning on Dilley Rd

Rolled our way south past nurseries and farms, to our next control in Gaston.  They still don't have plain V-8, so I suggested they start stocking it.  Such nice people there: "you can fill up your water bottles at the soda dispensers".

We continued east, and as we crossed the Tualatin River bridge on Golf Course Rd, Kevin commented that it was much, much nicer today than it had been the day we were pre-riding the Scavenger Hunt 200k, in which the rain varied from bucketing down to toadstrangling the entire day.  Aren't either of us going to forget that one!

Once we got past the rollers on Tongue Rd, a little old lady in a '70s car passed me with approximately 2 inches of space.  There was no oncoming traffic, nor were there impaired sight lines.  Kevin said he was going to yell, but then he saw that she was about 90 years old, and didn't want to startle her...

Oxidizing, Tongue Rd

A little more wandering around the southern edges of Hillboro, then north and east back to our start.  We decided to finish at the Subway, and did the card thing over sandwiches, chips and drinks.

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