Sunday, December 7, 2014

Hillsboro Dallas in November

Following my goal of getting in the fall/winter R-12 200k ride early in the month when the weather is decent, I recruited Chris W to ride Hillsboro Dallas with me.  Easy ride, and I don't think anyone really needs the cue sheet any longer.

We met up in the Fred Meyer parking lot.  He lives a couple of blocks from there, which he liked.  Got our starting coffees and headed out.

It was foggy and cold.  We knew both would improve, but the fog sure was pretty.

Frost and fog

Wetlands Fog, second try


Elevator, Bethel Rd

This was my second ride with Chris, and, as it was just the two of us, we got better acquainted.  His wife was making tamales with her sister, and he was getting tamale updates all day.  He knew what he'd be having for supper when he finished!

Fall foliage Abbey Rd

Autumnal Vineyards, Abbey Rd.

Sunset over the Coast Range foothills

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