Monday, July 20, 2015

Because It Is So Darn Hot...

The only route I have been riding is the Banks-Vernonia Trail.  The first and last 10 miles between Banks and North Plains are exposed, but only a problem on the return.  It has been so hot that I could barely breathe. You'd never know that I grew up in Houston, TX, and worked outdoor jobs (camp counselor, lifeguard, swim instructor, pool manager) until I graduated university and moved up here.

So, the last two times I rode with Ray, and Steve joined us the most recent outing.


Field of Queen Anne's Lace

My eyes quit freaking out in the contrasty light on the trail, yay!

Ray on the trail

For the most recent outing I did finally pull out the Lemond, and rode it analytically to figure out why we aren't friends anymore.  It now has a hot date with Mechanic Mark to raise the handlebars (needs a stem riser, and probably longer cabling).  I'll have to track down that other stem, if it becomes the case that they will be too high.  Then I'll update the bar tape with some padding (I think it still has the original tape, which would be now, um, 12 years old), and revisit updating the saddle.

Haying Season

So, yes, the last ride on Saturday was so hot after leaving the trail.  I was dying all the way back to North Plains.  First thing I did at the finish after placing my order was to suck down a packet of salt.

You probably want pictures.

Vernonia Lake

Lemond at the Black Bear

Sweetpeas in bloom

Fields, Wilkesboro Rd

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