Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Two Perm Pops

North Plains - Carlton

With Ray and Steve.  Nice day, and tasty pause at the Carlton Bakery.

Pastry control

I threw my chain on the return climbing Yamhill Rd - the cassette, not the front chainring.

Fryer Rd headed east

Barn along the way

That barn, Roy

Stripey fields on Dersham

Upshot of that is afterward, I decided to adjust my derailleurs (front was rubbing when in the lowest gear), just like Tori taught me.  It worked!  Success!

North Plains Banks Vernonia

With Ray.  On the Sweetpea.  No chain throwing, no chain rubbing.  Definite success.

Lots of pine needles on the trail, probably due to our very hot, dry summer.

Ray and all the pine needles

Look at all the pine needles!

The trail from Anderson Park to Vernonia Lake (the mill pond) is currently closed.  There are two detours - the road, or "my secret way", said Ray.  Of course there was gravel :-)  And encroaching shrubbery. :-) 

Vernonia Mill Pond

We got to the control, and decided that for proper distance, we'd still need to circumnavigate the lake, in the opposite direction.

Old mill building

The way back was gravel AND uphill.  Excellent.  Called for extra toppings on the heated cinnamon roll.

Heated, with butter on top

We did get some rain headed out of Vernonia, but it cleared off after 10 minutes or so.

Ray was wondering if RUSA had an award for riding a route 100 times.  He's getting close on this one.  I am a distant second.

At Ray's request, stopped for a picture of the soft, cuddly cows.

Take a picture, says Ray.  They look so soft.

Ray spent some time on Harrington and Dersham roads drafting a big piece of farm machinery.  He said it was no work at all, he was just being sucked along.  My loss.

Ray drafting the farm machinery

Finish bonus - ran into a former coworker (and co-inventor), who I'd not seen for probably over 20 years.  Much catching up!


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