Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Coffeeneuring 2015: Delivering the Yarn

Ride: 3
Destination: Nike West Campus, Edo Building coffee cart, Beaverton, OR (just across SW Walker from the THRPD ball fields)
Date: Thursday, Oct 15
Beverage: Mocha
Bike friendliness: When I worked there, I was used to wheeling my bike into any building and leaving it unlocked in the lobby, or in a corner, or under some stairs.  This day, I locked it outside.
Total mileage: 11.59 miles

Back in the summer of 2012, I finished a contract at Nike.  While I was there, I got my eggs from Scott.  He also had pet sheep, and a few weeks after I left, he called to tell me I could have all four fleeces, with the condition that he get some yarn back for his daughter.  The whole fleece story is here.  So, anyway, three years later (I am so ashamed), I finally had yarn.  And, a few email exchanges later, we had a coffee date, at normal working-people hours.  As in, I'd be riding over through the morning commute.

Worked my way up through the elementary school and unexpected construction, before enjoying the drop down Park Way.  And then, when I tried to ride in the regular way, I found yet more construction.  Gack.  I knew where the building was, but finding the front door took a bit of time.  And, finally, there was Scott, and we wandered upstairs to the coffee cart.

Bleriot parked outside Nike Edo

I got a mocha, and we settled down for yarn handoff and catching up.  Lots of catching up.

Yarn delivery and coffee

Eventually Scott remembered he had to get back to work, and I headed back home.  

I thought I'd try to find a cut-through between 150th and Meadow, and you'd think there'd be one, but no.  Learning: there was a SIGN, saying there would be a through road eventually, but no estimated date, and a big fence and vegetation obscuring the pass through.  (Oh, wait, Google Maps says there is a path down the one road I didn't take!  Good to know for next time!) I hadn't ridden through there hardly at all since retiring, so I got to admire all the new infill housing.  Did remember to ride around the neighborhood construction on the return :-)

Other Learning: I now know where out in the boonies he lives, and will wave as I cycle by on any route which follows Stag Hollow Rd.

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