Sunday, February 28, 2016

Misleading Arithmetic

Like many of you, I often check out ebooks from our library.  The app is Overdrive, and I typically get the Kindle version of the book, because, well, I was given a Kindle, plus there are Kindle readers available for every electronic device I own.

It is rare that the book I'd like to read is immediately available.  So I wait.  This is what Overdrive tells me when I click to see what it means when I am "next in line for the book", or there are "3 people ahead of me for the book":

There are not 3 people ahead of me.  There are 90 people ahead of me.  Each copy does NOT have a separate line.  I will not get that book until the 90 people in front of me have finished reading their copy.  It might go faster, because there are 38 copies, but still, 90 people have to finish reading that book before it is my turn.


Anonymous said...

Huh. i thought Kindle books were always available. Didn't know there was a wait time. Kinda like when you wanna watch Netflix online, it's just always there.

Anonymous said...

Well, actually you have a slight mistake there. You will get the book when 37 people are still reading the book, and copy no. 38 just got "free". So 53 people have to have finished reading the book.

I guess "(at most)" is a mistake and should have been "(at least)".

lynnef said...

Ok, I grant that. But 90 people will still have RECEIVED the book before I get it.