Friday, April 15, 2016

Recovery is Slow but there is Progress

I have gotten out on the bike a few times:

Lunch with Susan; 15+ mi
Bleriot and Wicked wait outside while we eat lunch

The heart rate was rather more spectacular than usual (red line)

Can I still climb?  Riding the Council Crest/Fairmount Loop, just shy of 15 miles.
Council Crest Summit, looking east.  That's Mt Hood.  Better camera on the new phone.
The next day, 25 miles on the flats with Kathryn on the Lemond (the fast bike).
I ride the Lemond so infrequently that I have to re-learn how to use the Flight Deck each time.
Today, heading west to meet the spouse at the Spanish language group he is doing with friends (I knit), 13.4 miles.  There were a few cameo appearances by the Big Ring(!!!)

I'm also doing some weight and core work.  The actual weights are embarrassingly low, but they'll go up.  I had given my lighter weights to my mom, years ago.  I borrowed them back - still in the original tote bag.  Guess they got a lot of use :-)  Well, they'll get used here.

A few weeks ago, I realized I felt just fine.  Didn't have to ask the sister-in-law to slow down on our neighborhood walks.  Nothing hurts.  Nothing feels weird, just out of shape.

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