Monday, November 14, 2016

Coffeeneuring 2016, #6 and #7

#6: Verboort Sausage Festival
Date: November 5
Destination: Verboort Sausage Festival, Verboort, OR
Beverage: Hot Chocolate
Bike Friendliness: Leaned the bike somewhere outside the Bingo tent
Bicycle: Sweetpea
Total mileage: 2.8 miles

Coffeeneur #6: Verboort Sausage Festival

I really had planned to have a theme of "Places I Have Not Coffeeneured Before", but that fell apart today.  Too much rain.  Way too much rain.

So, upon finishing the Verboort Populaire, there I was in the Bingo tent.  I went for the Hot Chocolate and Sausage on a Stick, and, in a very first (I've been doing this ride since 2007), I played bingo.

After finishing up the hot chocolate and sausage, and not winning at bingo ($3 grand prize), we then rode back to the start, in Forest Grove, 2.8 miles.  Sadly, because Porter Rd is closed (bridge reconstruction), we did have to take Martin Rd.  The shoulder is good almost the whole way back.  Almost.  The rain, which had been consistent, but not heavy all day, decided to up its game and dump on us the whole way back.

#7: Ridgewood Park, Coffee Outside
Date: November 8
Destination: Ridgewood Park
Beverage: Coffee
Bike Friendliness: of course
Bicycle: Rivendell Bleriot
Total mileage: 2.1 miles

Coffeeneuring, ready to go

We've got a freshly-remodeled park in our neighborhood, just the other side of the elementary school.  The original reservoir, with tennis courts on top, has been replaced by an enormous reservoir, a pumphouse (of which we got a tour when the park re-opened), tennis and pickleball courts on top, new trails, an excellent new play structure, a bocce pitch, water fountain, and a covered picnic area.  The water department and parks district have really stepped up their game.

Coffee Outside gear updates this year were an Optimus Terra HE cookset, which is probably overkill, but I still have this secret wish to go bikepacking some time.  And I'd been organized enough last year that I could lay my hands on the cookset/Svea 123 stove (fits inside the cookset) right away.

Ground some coffee, put water in my insulated coffee mug and milk in a little bottle, then figured out how to carry everything up to the park.  Maybe last year I said I need to sew up a twee porteur bag.  I am saying that again with a little more emphasis.

Coffeeneuring #7, Ridgewood Park

Recently Added-84

Cruised around the neighborhood, then up to the park from the new park entrance, and established myself in the picnic area.  Maybe some knitting happened while I was waiting for the coffee to brew.

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