Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Coffeeneuring Summary 2017

It was a quieter coffeeneuring year, but all 7 rides were duly accomplished.  Two Coffee Outsides, but brought from home, not brewed on site.  My successful theme this year was No Disposable Cups.  The handy Contigo Autoseal West Loop mug did for the Coffee Outside, and some coffee shop stops, and I carried a thermal mug to the Verboort Sausage Festival, because they only have paper cups, which tripped me up last year.

#1 Coffee Outside on the Fanno Creek Trail

Bridges aren't slippery (yet). Coffee from home. I have upped my porteur bag game from previous years  12.6 miles.
Bleriot on the Fanno Creek Trail
#2 Solace Coffee

I had to get out between the bands of downpours, and saw a window. First, a trip to the fabric store, for the backing and batting to finish grandson #2's quilt, and then decisions, decisions. Which coffee shop? I settled on Solace, right by the Beaverton Police Department, and, bonus, a covered staple rack!
I ordered a Blood Orange Mocha, and settled down for some enjoyable reading on the squashy sofa.
The fabric store has nothing to lock to, and I do mean NOTHING. The kind cashier let me bring it inside. She said the owner had been asked about a bike rack before and decided they didn't want to spend the money. I wrote a customer comment note; keeping up the pressure.

3.85 miles.
Followup on the bike rack - I spoke with the manager when I was there for a 3-day weaving class this past week.  She's not got the power to have a bike rack installed, but I am welcome to bring the bike inside any time.  I'll take it.
In between the bands of rain (I'm right near the two 51 degree markers)
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Outside Solace Coffee

Image may contain: indoor
nice place to sit and read

Image may contain: bicycle
Inside the fabric store

#3 New Season's Grocery (and place to get a nice lunch and coffee)

I was planning to ride over to the bagel store for coffee and a bagel, and some bagels to bring home, but the spouse suggested instead going to New Seasons, where they have really good bagels, coffee, and other things if one doesn't want a bagel for lunch. Sure.
We took the direct route over (1.8 miles), but a slightly different route home, to enjoy the NEW NEW NEW paved path over what was a sucking dirt mud pit desire path for as long as I remember (36 years!) and the new path by Beaverton Creek.
New Seasons has perfectly adequate bike parking.
4+ miles.

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fall foliage on Millikan Way
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formerly sucking mudpit desire path
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Right, coffee and bagel

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Beaverton is going to get a food cart pod!

#4 Edge Coffee

 Millikan Way, end to end, a flu shot, and coffeeneuring at Edge Coffee. 7.4 miles. Portland Clinic has bike parking, Edge Coffee doesn't appear to. I locked to a chair. Chai Tea Latte. I'll have to update my blog post on SW Millikan Way; with the addition of the path from the east end to SW Lombard (previous coffeeneuring post), it is now continuous for pedestrian and bicycle traffic, if you don't mind hopping a few curbs. The "no disposable cups" theme continues.
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Bleriot hanging at Edge Coffee

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Bleriot parked at the clinic

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The Westside Trail

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Beaverton Creek

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Hall Creek Trail
#5 Coffee Outside, Council Crest Park

We are trying to get our friends K and R more accustomed to riding on the streets, so offered up the Council Crest Loop from our house. Half trail, half streets, a climb there and a fun descent back. Especially today as it was very blustery, and the tailwind home was wonderful.
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Council Crest Park, views of Mt St Helens, Mt Adams, and Mt Rainier
15.5 miles, coffee from home.

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Fairmount Drive
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And Mt Hood, from the far east point of Fairmount Drive
#6 Annual Verboort Sausage Fest

Got coffee from the industrial sized urn, with powdered creamer and sweetener. Also a sausage on a stick. Bike parking anywhere. 3+ miles back to Forest Grove. Brought my own mug; the no disposable cups game is still strong.

Sausage on a stick and coffee.  In my own mug.
#7 Jim and Patty's Coffee

The bike rack situation is unchanged (bent up wheelbreaker, "our employees don't complain"). Rode to the library to get a long awaited book; not open for another 35 minutes. Went to the grocery (eggs, ginger root, carrots), then back to the library. Got the book, then off to Jim and Patty's to get a Borgia Mocha in a ceramic cup, and settled down to enjoy the first chapter of La Belle Sauvage. 6.05 miles. 4 lock/unlock repeats. You can see Bleriot through the door, locked to a table and chair.

Borgia Mocha and The Book of Dust

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