Tuesday, April 22, 2008

All that Bike Maintenance - Progress

As per my whine a few days ago...

Front wheel (non-generator hub) now has the Michelin Axial Raid tire mounted, for the ride this weekend. The tire will move to the generator hub wheel upon return.

Front Wheel done

Speedplay Frog pedals on Bleriot and Lemond have been greased. A fun, yet messy process.

Washing Bleriot now would be futile. Later this week...


Anonymous said...

where did you purchase your MICHELIN Axial Raids? I'm looking for a set of 650b's that are about 30 to 32 mm. But i can' find any retailer that sells the Axial Raids.

like your blog!


lynnef said...

the Axial Raids have been discontinued :-( I got them from someone who had extras, but that was awhile back.