Saturday, July 12, 2008

They Sounded Disappointed...

This evening I was tuning up my mom's bike, and Rebecca and Jessica came over to pick up their share of the vegetables. "Mom! Why aren't you in Seattle?".

They also took turns riding the Gitane around :-) Neither of them has owned a road bike, so that was entertaining. They have non-functional mountain bikes, which need to come visit for awhile.

A few hours later, I rode mom's bike around a bit (after installing some lights!), testing out the shifting (it does that now) and checking out the ride up the hill (I can make it do that, too). Stopped by my parents' home. My mom: "Why aren't you in Seattle?"

Hmm. Guess I'm missing the big ride, with 9,999 of my closest friends.


Jim said...

I'd wager than I had at least a quarter of my company ask me if I was doing STP then surprised that I wasn't. 9999 closest friends, indeed! :-)

jason said...

Same question from my family as well.

However, it's kinda "been there done that" for me. Fun in a lot of ways but I'm not sad I missed it this year.

Hmmm...does this mean I'm not in the 9,999 list of your top friends? :-)