Friday, February 20, 2009

Curb Weight

I had Bleriot unloaded today, so I thought I'd weigh it, before putting the bags back on.

Does it look like a rando bike now or what?

29 lbs, with fenders, racks, generator hub wheel and lighting.

Then I weighed the Lemond, which has none of the above. 19 lbs.

Perhaps I was better off not knowing that.


orc said...

But doesn't the 29 pounds with fenders pretty much ensure that you won't pick up 10 pounds of mud (all elegantly striped right up your back, and splattered everywhere else cyclocross style) if there's any sort of humidity on the trip? The tiny clicks and splattering noises I hear when I take my (45+ pound with a regular load) "enhanced" Trek out on a rainy day (or, if I'm on the Springwater Trail, I don't even need a rainy day because there are occasional extremely disgusting puddles that I *really* don't want to get caked on me) are very cheerful because I know that none of that gunk is going to end up caked on me and/or the bicycle.

Kevin said...

No worries Lynne, "that which does not kill you makes you stronger".

Ya, that's it... that's why I ride a steel bike! Call it "training" ;-)

lynnef said...

all three of my road bikes are steel bikes :-) Some are just more substantial than others.

beth h said...

HAH! MY bike's STILL heavier than yours.
(nyah nyah)

; )

See ya at the bakery...