Monday, February 2, 2009

Fake Spring Weather

It isn't going to last, but right now it is 55 degrees outside. And sunny, although it is starting to fade.

I had intended to do intervals on a borrowed trainer inside, but it was way too nice outside! Rousted out a new member of the "I need a job" club, and we headed up to Council Crest/Fairmount.

I got in three 30-30's on the Sunset Bike path before Pointer Road, three more on Hewett, and the final six on the Fairmount Loop (the faintly uphill part). I didn't do them on the curves - I'd be going much faster than I am comfortable there. Or uphill, because I'm not there yet.

(30-30 - go really hard for 30 seconds, go less hard, but not easy for the next 30 seconds).

We paused at Council Crest park to admire the view, and watch a wedding photographer take photographs of a couple. She wore a long white skinny strap dress with black bodice and honking big black boots. And flowers in her hair. It worked, but was somewhat unexpected.

I do like the way I can get the Lemond from 15 to 22 with practically no effort at all. The Bleriot just doesn't respond like that. Now, if I could just HOLD that 22mph.

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