Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Missing Scenario

(this would be a Usability/User Experience related post. If this doesn't interest you :-) that's entirely fine)

The scenario:

Prescription refill needed. Patient has new health insurance. The medication in question is one that is not normally stocked at a retail pharmacy, and, on top of that, needs preauthorization.

Patient, knowing all these things, brings it by a week in advance for the refill.

5 days later, patient hears nothing, not from doctor's office, pharmacy, or health insurance.

Health insurance hasn't gotten a preauthorization request, which comes from the doctor's office

Doctor's office hasn't gotten the refill request, which comes from the pharmacy

The pharmacy is called. They have new software, which does not even kick off the refill request until the medication is in stock. And there we have it.

Or, in my case, might not have it until a few days later than desired...

It is going to be a very low energy weekend.


Cecil Anne said...

OK, that really sucks

Richard said...

That must be horribly discouraging.

The really sad part is it's probably a more common occurrence than anyone realizes.

Welcome to American health care.

Kevin said...

and hence the need for health care overhaul.

It's broke, let's fix it.

lynnef said...

update: prescription authorized but only through the mail order speciality pharmacy. I'm guessing early next week.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that you work for my company.

Gene in Tacoma

lynnef said...

Gene - I could work for your company :-) Does there need to be someone like me working there?