Saturday, October 10, 2009

An even longer ride

Or, where Lynne's brain writes checks her body can't cash :-)

Whoo Hooo!  Longest ride in quite awhile!

Perfect weekend. The Harvest Century. A 45 mile route that promised only 750 vertical feet I think they miscalculated, but I knew the route and wasn't too stressed. Lemond hadn't been out since May. The tires were completely devoid of air (!)

A supported ride. If I couldn't finish, someone would haul me in.

Rather than leave you all in deep suspense, I did finish.

Started riding at about 9:45 or so, after signing up, saying hi to David and his son Evan. Lots of wandering around Hillsboro (not really, but it seemed like it), and then we were Out In The Country.

Lots of wonderful fall color, both native and nursery stock. The rollers on Greenville weren't so bad.

Fall nursery color

Evidence of participation

First rest stop (16.5 mi) at the Hillside Bible Church. I ran into David and Evan again; they invited me to ride with them. After a longish stop, we swooped down Hillside (wheeeeeeee!), went up and down the rollers, and eventually got to Forest Grove. At this point, anything that resembles an uphill is really done.



South and west out of Forest Grove (Ritchey/Stringtown/Dilley) to the second rest stop (26.9 mi), Montinore Winery (or Domain Ath for the SM Stirling fans). I confess that I did have to walk the last bit up the the winery. It got a bit too steep. More water, Heed ("subtle Mandarin Orange". The mixing proportions were such that it was very, very subtle.), snacks, and we headed off again.

Spring Hill-Fern Hill-Geiger-LaFollette-Golf Course-Tongue-Johnson School... back to Hillsboro. More amazing fall color and sunshine.

About mile 35, I was pretty much done. Fortunately, it isn't a democracy, and I finished, with lots of pedal, coast, pedal, coast... David and Evan pulled ahead the last 5 miles, but we met up at the finish, over hamburgers, corn, and salad.

I'm glad I did it. I'll have to keep up riding, so I'll be able to do the populaires next month. But right now, I need a nap.

46.11 miles, 12.32 mph avg

Other pics here


Cecil Anne said...

Hooray!! And I note that your rolling average is not that far off your typical 200K . . .

Paul Whitney said...

Nice. Looks like a good day to have taken a ride. See you on one of the spring Brevets. -Paul

bikelovejones said...

Yay! Congrats on your first longer ride! You'll be up to your usual rando hijinks before you know it... BH

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Lynne! So good to see you on the bike again. Pace your self and enjoy,

SMB tech geeks said...

You go girl! Personally, I'd have faded by 10k & been in need of an oxygen mask by 12. I blame the weather here, it's just not conducive to big rides - I also have a bit of a thing about being an unrecognisable, mud-spattered mess after the first corner... ;0)