Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Anticipation Kicks into a Higher Gear

Remember this post? 14 months ago? Today we took a big step forward - I had my pre-design bicycle fit! Michael had my fit info from awhile back (1.5 years?), so he and Natalie set up the fit bike and observed. And adjusted. And discussed various components. And intended usage scenario (rando bike!) And tubing.

Color will be Signal Violet, which is shown here.

The magic stem was found that makes the geometry to fit me possible. I've got rather longer legs than I do upper body and reach; finding a commercially-produced bicycle that fits me and is suitable for the intended end-use is darn hard.

I'm SO excited! Watch this space as there is reportable progress.


tangobiker said...

and I'm excited for you, too!

Anonymous said...

Ooh! Ooh! Pix, please! And gimme time to find my lobster bib! (Natalie's bikes are SO drooly)

Coffee ride soon? Yuou, me, Natalie and Cecil perhaps? We might have to kick this to January but I'm doing a Christmas morning ride early if you wanna join me. --B

laura smith said...

i would be very excited as well if i were you. What a lovely colour bike as well, it will make the wait all work it, i recently got myself a lovely ladies pink marin bike, although it is not as bespoke as yours.

Dr Codfish said...

Just stunned that you picked that color!

Yr Pal, Dr C