Saturday, December 5, 2009

Nice Day, and Faster Riding, Too!

Route map (starts at Longbottoms Coffee and Tea, in Hillsboro)

I offered up to lead another social ride for Portland Velo, but no takers today. So I attached myself to the 15's knowing full well that I'd probably have to bail at some point.

Temperature was 32 deg F and sunny at the start. I was wearing (top to bottom) wool cap, wool ls baselayer, wool ls jersey, Craft jacket, Smartwool shorts, PI Amfib tights, wool socks, PI Gore-Tex shoes. Also Descente Wombat gloves, and chemical toe and hand warmers.

Dana (ace ride leader), Michael, and myself rode south through the outskirts of Hillsboro, then west and up to Forest Grove. I could keep up just fine as long as it was pancake-flat. Otherwise I would slow down. We stopped at the golf course, and I swapped out my jacket for a wind vest. Much better.

Once we got to the intersection of SW Fern Hill and Hwy 47, I said my goodbyes, and headed back on the traditional route to Longbottoms.

Gorgeous day - intense winter blue sky, gold-colored stubble on the fields, colorful foliage on the berry bushes, and flocks of birds migrating. I'd be riding along, and hear a lot of rustling/fluttering, and a big mob of birds would rise up and wheel around. Yeah. That's why I do this!

Delightful second breakfast at Longbottoms, as always.

Club prez says if I let him know I'll be leading a social, he'll let some other folks know. Nice. However, I won't be back ride leading for at least 3 weeks.

Oh, right - 34.4 miles at 13.3mph average. I haven't ridden that fast since April!

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