Thursday, January 14, 2010

Vignettes from Whistler BC

So, we are up here skiing for a few days. We've already skied 2 days. Fitz and Rebecca went off to ski this afternoon; Brian and I are saving ourselves for tomorrow (translation: we hurt).

For someone who has not been on skis for about 2 years, and spent the last 10 months being a blob, I'm not doing too badly. At least as long as the snow is not loose and heavy. I just do not have the quads to manage that yet.

Side comment - we are not bothering to lock our skis. Husband: "they are so old, no one would want them. My poles are worth more."

It is snowing, which is good, as I understand there is a really big international event set to start here in 3 weeks that requires a whacking lot of snow. There is plenty of snow on the downhill/GS run, and they've closed them off until afterwards. Darn. But it is a really big mountain, plenty of terrain.

I've been popping my sock knitting in the pocket of my ski parka, and working on it during lunch break and apres ski break (Dusty's. I'm working my way through the hard cider offerings).

Waffle stitch sock

So, yesterday we were having the post-lunch cup of coffee and/or hot chocolate before venturing out again. I was knitting on my sock. (You know, if I wasn't wasting time on the internets, I could be finishing it now :-) ) And suddenly, out of the blue, a woman came over (ski area employee, nametag said she was from Sweden)... "You are knitting! Show me what you are making!" So, yes, it is a sock. She knits socks, loves the yarn, where did I get it... The family looked a bit stunned after she went back to work.

We also planned to take pictures on the medal stand, but it is still under construction. Oh well.

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