Friday, June 11, 2010


why is it that everything needs replacing at the same time? why?

Rear rim on Bleriot:

Time to replace the rear wheel

8400 miles, often riding in wet and gritty conditions.

Phone call into Rivendell, one rim, one rear cassette (time for a new one of those, too), some 650B tubes headed my way. Someone here can dismantle the old wheel and rebuild it with the new rim. Someone with a Park spoke cutter...

Needs a replacement tire as well. Michelin Axial Raids are no longer manufactured, and I am not, at this moment, inclined to spend big $$ on a new tire. There is a Nifty Swifty hanging around the garage that is barely used; I'll put it on.

Time to replace it, I think

This would not be as completely annoying as it is, except I think one more saddle needs replacing, and there is that shiny NEW bike still to be paid for.

This came about while cleaning up the Bleriot and Lemond. Lemond's rear wheel had a really loose spoke, which I've since remedied.

Sigh. At least both bikes are clean.

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cyclotourist said...

A clean bike's a happy bike!