Monday, August 12, 2013

Riding with Paul

Fellow rando Paul W (the DRR RBA) was in town for a meeting, and asked if I wanted to ride 100k somewhere.  He picked the North Plains-Banks-Vernonia 100k, one of my favorites.  I warned him there would be a long pause in Vernonia, and he was totally ok with that.

New things on this ride - new saddle, and Birkenstock insoles for my shoes.

We met at the North Plains McDonald's (easier to find than the coffee shop if one is Not From Around Here), got some cookies, and started right on time.

I love this ride, but as I have written about it many times before, I'll just toss in some pictures and brief comments.

Paul on the Banks Vernonia trail

My new seat kept tipping backwards. We stopped a few times and I leveled and tightened it each time.

New info control question in Vernonia. :-)

We did indeed pause at the Black Bear Cafe.  Sandwiches, coffee.  Not quite warm enough for a Big Train Style coffee.

The dirt/field next to the cafe patio is now the bar patio.  Chairs, umbrellas, firepit, nice grass.  Wonder how late it will be open at night?  And will it be warm enough during a fleche?

Black Bear Coffee's associated pub is expanding

Paul at Black Bear Coffee

A young man showed up in his pickup, and proceeded to set up a fruit, jam, and other condiments stand just behind the parking lot.  He gave us some plums (oh yum), and had the cutest little dog, a Chihuahua-something mix.

I reset my saddle, and Paul came over and managed to get another quarter turn on the wrench (my new, nifty mini rachet with Allen head socket).

So, back we went.  It did warm up, finally.  Finally stopped and took a real picture of the river (creek?).  Mostly I am riding with folks who are wanting to move along there, and don't get the chance.

Nehalem River

It was really nice visiting with Paul over the whole ride.  No bailing from heatstroke this time.  And the saddle didn't move.

Banks Vernonia Trail with sunlight


As usual, the return is somewhat faster than the ride to Vernonia, because the trail drops for longer time.  Finished in plenty of time, but, as usual, not an earthshaking time.

Finishing details

Both the saddle and the insoles were entirely satisfactory for a 100k ride.


Jansen said...

What kind saddle?

lynnef said...

Selle Italia Diva