Monday, October 28, 2013

Coffeeneur #6, Morning Glory, Eugene

Michal and I thought we could squeeze in another coffeeneur on the way to taking me to the Eugene Amtrak Station.

Cyndi had an errand to run, so she would be meeting us there, and carrying my daypack, which had somehow acquired a book and a jar of home-roasted coffee...

Of course there was wonderful coffee beforehand, but that has never stopped me from drinking more coffeeneur-approved™ beverages.

Fortunately, it was considerably less dark and foggy than the day before, but somehow, no less steep.  I am not exactly sure how we got there (well, sort of sure), but there was the train station, Morning Glory, and Cyndi.

They have a fun bike rack setup, and a giant bicycle wheel sculpture outside.

Bike rack, Morning Glory coffee

Went in and ordered (this is Eugene; what sort of milk-like substance did I want in my chai?  Dairy.), then walked my bike across the street to get its luggage tag.  Very low key.

Back for the chai, some pictures, and further visiting before it was time to catch the train.

Coffeeneur #6, Cyndi and Michal

(picture by Michal Young; train station out the window to the left)

Coffeeneur #6, 3.84 miles, Morning Glory, Eugene, OR

We walked my bike over to the baggage car, and I handed it up, said good-byes and got onto my car (PDX bound, cars 6 and 7).

Another very fun weekend!

Chai, 3.84 mi, Morning Glory Cafe

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