Sunday, October 6, 2013

Coffeeneuring, Rides 1 and 2

Busy weekend.

Coffeeneuring #1 Saturday, Oct 5.
My first coffee Saturday came to me from Eugene, some lovely stuff from Wandering Goat. I was running the Oregon Randonneurs October 200k, starting at Jim and Patty's Coffee in Beaverton.  That would certainly be a coffeeneuring opportunity for me, and I headed out shortly before 6am to get there.  Riders had to take a slightly more circuitous route from the finish to the start, to get in the minimum distance, but quite a few did.  I heard speculation in the driveway as to if there would be a secret control.  Yes indeed, but it was a secret, so I wasn't telling.

Jim and Patty's Coffee

Step into my office

I ordered myself a pumpkin latte and set up the registration table.  Riders showed up shortly thereafter and kept the baristas busy making drinks and selling Pig Newtons (also available in vegetarian!)

Randonneurs swarm Jim and Patty's

At 7am I sent them off, and sat down to wait out the hour until the control closed.  About 20 minutes into it, I saw a rider heading in, and wondered who would have turned back this early?  Well, it wasn't a rider.  Fitz thought he'd give this coffeeneuring thing a try.

Right after 8am we rode over to the Beaverton Farmers' Market, where we ordered Mexi-Mochas from Pony Espresso, and picked up a few items for us and for the post ride feed.

Fitz and me at Pony Espresso

Then home.  I had even MORE coffee later; Jeff brought the bottled cold brewed Stumptown coffee to the after party.  It is a wonder I could sleep that night.

Jeff didn't ride, but he brought this

Total distance 4.45 mi

Coffeeneuring #2, Sunday, Oct 6
There was an original proposal to meet at a Hillsboro coffeehouse, but Ryan from Portland thought we should come into town.  In a spirit of cooperation and bipartisanship, we agreed to meet up at Blend.  Other weekends we will meet out on the west side.

Shan, Narayan, and Lesli had stayed over after the 200k.  The guys left around 6am, and Lesli had breakfast with us, and set off on her errands.

Left at 9:20am, and rode up to the Sunset Transit Station to meet up with Bill and Susan (already on the train).  We rode north from the Rose Quarter to Blend, where Ryan was waiting.  He'd already had his first coffeeneur with Joshua B downtown.

Jeff A, Asta, Theo, Steph, and Birthday Boy Ken M joined us.

Asta's sparkly bike and my Riv parked at Blend

I had a Harvest Moon coffee/chai latte thing (tasty) and a scone, and accomplished a fair amount of knitting on my Handspun Lily of the Valley scarf.

Evidence - Harvest Moon (chai latte) and scone at Blend

progress on the lace scarf

Eventually Ken and Bill had to be other places, but we sat and chatted and drank more coffee, and eventually Theo wondered if anyone else was hungry (it was now 2:45pm).  Some more discussion, and we rode over to Old Gold, where there were non-coffee drinks and lunch.  I had the mac and cheese.  Finally, about 4pm, we all rode south, each peeling off as needed to get home.  Took the MAX back over the hill with Susan, and arrived home before 5pm.  Longest coffeeneur ever.

Total distance 10.25 mi

More pictures from Saturday and Sunday are here.  Lots of brevet afters pics.

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