Thursday, June 4, 2015

Beaverton Hagg Lake Carlton May 2015

I received an email from Paul from the Tri-Cities - he was going to be in town, would Asta and I like to ride an undemanding 100k?  I really needed to ride a 200k, and offered up mine, wherein we'd search for a lot of info controls.  Then Steve wanted to ride the same route, but on Monday, and asked if I'd join him.  I invited him to join us instead.

I also planned to feed everyone afterward, because I'm nice that way.

We gathered at Starbucks for preride coffee and/or snacks, and pretty much right at 7am, headed out.

Paul, Steve (up ahead) and Asta, on Cedar Canyon

Paul thought the route was awfully pretty - it is, I stuck together all my favorite roads to create it!

Eventually we ended up at the first timed control in Forest Grove, where, it being Sunday, we would have the best control situation at the c-store.

We then headed out for the climby part of the route - Hagg Lake, first pausing at the Lake Store.  For some reason, there were a lot of pauses.  Anyway, heading west on Scoggins Valley Drive - my oh my, smooooooooth new pavement.  Wonderful!

Steve, with Hagg Lake in the background

As we started around the lake, Asta asked about swimming.  Yes, people did swim in the lake.

When we got about halfway around, she and Paul peeled off to go swimming.  Steve and I kept going; I knew they'd catch us.  Then Steve pulled off.  I still kept going.  I wanted to save my stopping time for the bakery in Carlton.


Steve caught me about 9 miles later, and Asta and Paul found us 5 miles after that. 11 miles later, we were pulling into the bakery parking lot.

I had been keeping up on my eating thoughout the ride, so my stomach was calm.  I celebrated by ordering a Reuben and a cold brew coffee, and ate the WHOLE THING.  On a 200k.  After 82 miles.  Pretty good!

I had been looking forward to this for 82 miles.

We continued on, and possibly after turning north at Kuehne Road, we might have had a tailwind.  In any case, Paul provided a monster pull all the way to Flett Rd, and then the traffic (such as it was) dropped off, and so did we. A stop at the corner of Geiger (Red Bull.  I wanted to drink my Red Bull), and then a stop at the golf course (plumbing), and then we passed the penultimate info control at the cemetery, and arrived at the last timed control for some quick snacks.

Last stretch down Baseline, and Asta pulled over...  Her chain had an issue.  Given that we were not far out - she could have walked and still finished in time - Steve and I went ahead.

Starbucks was still open, so I got a cold coffee drink.  Asta and Paul appeared a few minutes later.  We then headed up the hill and ate a wonderfully filling dinner.  With apple cake for dessert.

Paul's pictures here.

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