Friday, June 5, 2015

North Plains Carlton, Mostly Fun

As I was busy with a bicycle safety fair on Saturday, I asked Ray if he wanted to ride on Sunday.  His choice of route, as long as it wasn't a climbfest.  His reply: "tired of Carlton yet?"  Nope.  North Plains - Carlton it was.

We both arrived at Hits the Spot.  Ray got coffee; I ordered a small second breakfast.  The owner showed up (she's had knee surgery), and we all got on her for standing up so soon.

It was sunny, and working up to being warm.

Ray admiring the meadowfoam

The crimson clover is finished blooming; I am happy I got to see it.  Uneventful ride south, and I had fun with the gravel bit on Yamhill Rd, both up and down.

descending Fryer Rd to OR-47

Smell that wheatfield (yummy!)

We discussed where to eat.  There is the bakery, and the breakfast place.  I'd already had breakfast.  Oh darn, we'd have to eat at the bakery.  I went for the quiche; Ray ordered a sandwich.

Sweetpea at Carlton Bakery

Quiche and cold brew

Ray at Carlton Bakery

Back out of Carlton, up Yamhill Rd, then onto NE Laughlin.  This quickly became the not fun part - a motorcyclist came up behind us, honking (road was empty and straight, we were not riding two abreast), then parked himself next to me and started moving to the right.  Yeah.  He then went up and did the same thing to Ray.

We found the motorcycle parked at a house about a a mile along.  I noted the location, because I was definitely going to report it.*

So, a bit less enjoyment on the return.  It did get warmer, and somewhat humid.  Ray suggested pulling over at the Fernhill Wetlands park area - there is a restroom, a covered pavilion, nice plants, and a view of the wetland.  I think the same folks were hanging out there since we stopped on the way out.  I probably should have eaten something at the stop.

Last 11 miles, on very familiar roads.  I did manage to eat the other half of my sandwich, and kept drinking.  The haybales and dairy cows in Verboort rated a picture stop.

Haybales in Verboort

Dairy Cows in Verboort

When we pulled into the Hits the Spot cafe, I asked the cook if they had ice cream floats.  Yes they did.  Ahh.

Hot.  Humid.

Ice cream float for a hot and humid finish

A few more pictures where those came from.

*Fitz and I drove back on Wednesday to verify the address.  Perhaps we also did some wine tasting a mile down the road :-) and had lunch at the bakery in Carlton.  The sheriff heard all about it, and a deputy talked to the driver, who was under the misinformation that bicyclists had to get off the road.  Yeah.  Mind you, there were 1.5 lanes available to him to continue on.  I'll probably flinch every time I ride down that road for quite some time.

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