Saturday, March 25, 2017

Errandonnee 6 and 7

Not raining.  Stack of library books waiting for me.  Free birthday drink at Starbucks.  This was a plan.

First, to the library, where I commiserated with another patron about the hassle of locking up.

Picked up my 4(!) books (Interlibrary Loan, three from Tacoma, WA, one from Worthington, OH), and went back out to unlock.  Same patron, also planning to leave.  His personal music at the time was "Hey Joe" (baBAAAbabababaBAAA; been awhile since I heard that one.  Decades, maybe).

Thence to Starbucks, where I lived dangerously and just helmet-locked.  Ordered their newer Chai Tea Latte (lightly sweetened, more spicy than the original, or so the server claimed) in my personal commuter mug.

And home, via the Hall Creek Enhancement.  Saw one duck.

Learnings - Interlibrary Loan books can come from as far away as Scotland!

4.3 miles.

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