Friday, May 22, 2015

In the Clover

Every so many years, local farmers plant a crop of crimson clover.  When it blooms, it is strikingly beautiful.

Clover closeup

I rounded up Chris for an easy 20 miles looping outside of Hillsboro, and we found several clover fields.  We had to stop and take pictures of each one :-)

Clover field and Coast Range foothills

Clover and tree at the former dilapidated house site

Chris, clover photography session

Then, a few days later, Asta and I rode the North Plains-Banks-Vernonia 100k.  We started right at our planned 10am start time, despite Asta misplacing her chain, and having to ride over to the bike shop to be there when they opened at 8am, and installing the chain ON THE MAX TRAIN on her way over.

Our planned start location was CLOSED, because it was Monday, so we scooted over to the gas station c-store for start rituals.

Asta and crimson clover

Line of trees illustrating the headwind

When we got to Banks, her chain had been making A Noise.  Hmm.  She rethreaded it, and it got much quieter :-)

Banks Vernonia Trail, spring green

Asta and the birches

Then, while climbing up Tophill, my chain broke (!)  Turned out to be the master link.  I guess I had opened and closed it a few times too many.  Of course, I had a spare, and 5 minutes later we were on our way.

Bikes at Vernonia Lake

After all this, we definitely needed a lunch stop at the Black Bear.  Sandwiches are big; we split one.

Lunch at The Black Bear

Returning again to Banks, we then proceeded to pass by the same clover fields, and stopped for a photo session.

Crimson clover and trees

Clover closeup

taking pictures of each other

We finished it off in good time.

P-12 Complete!

And I completed my first P-12!