Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hot Hot Hot

My new perm pop needed someone to ride it :-)  Couldn't rustle up any other of the retired or flexible work schedule folks, so I was on my own.

After last ride's flatfest, I patched several tubes, and swapped on the new Hutchinson tire.  The one that flatted was cut clear through.  Only 918 miles :-(

Located my evaporative neck cooler and got it soaking.  I'd be checking out the Road Holland jersey (thanks MG!) - I was wondering how a wool-synthetic blend would work for me in the heat.  I also mounted a third water bottle cage on the right seatstay, and wanted to see how that would work it.  I bolted it to the braze on, and maybe it would jiggle too much and stress the braze.

experimental third water bottle cage mount.

Coasted down to Jim and Patty's for some coffee to get me started.  I was starting earlier than is usual for us here for a perm pop, because, even though it was supposed to be a bit cooler, I wanted to finish before the hottest part of the day.

Headed out to Forest Grove by a fairly direct route - straight out Baseline/TV Hwy.  While these are both major roads, they have bike lanes or generous shoulders the entire way.

There is a horse galloping along in there

First control, headed to Maggie's Buns and ate a berry muffin.  SPOT did not appear to be transmitting; I knew the battery might be a bit low.  My new bike computer then chose to inform me that the computer battery was getting low.  It was a sale model, and probably sat on the shelf for a couple of years.  I resigned myself to another electronics meltdown.  Oh, and the cadence pickup had gone stupid, so I couldn't play with the new Power function.


Then south on B St.  Hmm.  Why was the cue sheet telling me to turn left of 18th?  Who created this route anyhow? Phantom zero distance turn?  So I ignored it and continued on south, past the bison ranch and through Dilley, pausing briefly at the Lake Stop Store to refresh the sunscreen.

Bison are Wild Animals

Then off to circumnavigate Hagg Lake.  Note: when riding this route on a weekday, expect log trucks heading into the lumber mill by the lake.  

Hagg Lake is always a pace-neutral stretch for me - just can't seem to make up time here.  This is the stretch of the route with all the climbing, and the ramp into the park is definitely a soul-sucker.

Hagg Lake

Hagg Lake

Lots of sweetpeas in bloom :-)  Nice new pavement segments around the lake.

Sweetpeas blooming by Hagg Lake

Then back out, and heading south to Gaston.  One of my favorite little bits of road.  Bought a V8 here, because it was so hot. 25 miles to go.

Obligatory Barn, Old Hwy 47

Gaston Store.  Little Pink Bear wilts in the heat

Got to the intersection with Spring Hill, only to find flaggers, big trucks, stopped traffic...  I knew it was scheduled for new chipseal, but didn't think it was this soon.  Filtered up to the front, where the cheerful flagger told me they weren't paving yet, and I could go in just a few minutes.

The wind was stronger, and not entirely favorable.  Slogged north on Spring Hill and Fern Hill; got a bit of a respite on Geiger.  Wished I had some tunes along for company.  And I stopped again at the golf course, for another V8.

Haying on Tongue Rd

Finally into Hillsboro, turning onto SW Johnson just past the TV Hwy Fred Meyer.  Ah.  Lovely road - low traffic, and goes east all the way to SW 170th.  There are some major road crossings, but they all have traffic lights.  Beware at SW 185th - the traffic light won't see you; there is a beg button right at the curb.

The north on SW 170th, right on Merlo, right on SW Jenkins, a couple more familiar turns and done.  That mocha mint freeze at Jim and Patty's was outstanding.


Ride complete (and heck, I even filled out my card!), I headed over to my favorite battery store for refills.  

Aftermath: new batteries in the bike computer and SPOT.  New cadence pickup as well, so I have a Power readout.*  Fixed the cue sheet, too.

The Road Holland jersey was fine, although not the same as a 100% wool jersey - it dried out quickly, rather than working as an evaporative cooler.  I did like the fit.  The rear zip pocket wasn't quite big enough for my cycling wallet, but there were three traditional pockets, a rarity on a women's jersey.

And maybe I will explore plan B for mounting that water bottle cage.

*I know it isn't REAL power.  However, I can compare it against myself.