Sunday, August 27, 2017

In My Lifetime

Maybe 5 or so years ago, I contacted the Beaverton City Engineer about the desire path from the east end of SW Millikan Way to SW Lombard.  One had to go around a power pole, and, in the rainy season, it became a sucking mud pit.  But it was one of the best ways to go east-west in Beaverton.  He told me it was YEARS before it would become a street.  I told him I didn't want a street, I wanted a paved path for pedestrians and bicyclists.  It did eventually appear on the Beaverton transportation improvement plan, but it didn't seem to be high priority.

Earlier this summer some construction was going on, but there were no informative signs.  Maybe they were doing something with Beaverton Creek.

I walked by there today.  Be still my beating heart.  Pavement.  Wayfinding signs.  A drainage pond which feeds into Beaverton Creek.

No curb cut, though.  Ah well.