Saturday, January 12, 2008

And on the Gitane front...

I haven't actually DONE anything yet, except take the bike in to Bike Gallery and show it to Mark.

I did get the caution: "Remember what happened the LAST time you were riding a steel-frame bike from that era...."

We looked it over. The double crankset has enormous chainrings - 52/42. My knees hurt just thinking about it.

Research on the crankset reveals that it is a Sugino Mighty Competition, and wants a square taper bottom bracket.

Velo Orange has this compact double crankset (French even!), and on sale. Still not sure I can justify throwing that kind of money on parts for this bike. Although I could repurpose that crank on Bleriot, if I felt like it.

I picked up some new brake shoes, some citrus degreaser, and frame protector, in preparation for the eventual complete dissassembly. I'll need new cables and housing, but that can wait until I know how much housing is required.

Mark is researching ordering the Cane Creek SCR-5C brake lever set in pewter with gum hoods.

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