Friday, January 4, 2008

Left on the table

All in all, it wasn't a BAD year.

Year to date cycling miles, not counting commuting - 3944.
Since I started recording, the number has only gone up.
If commuting was in there, it would be closer to 5000.

Randonneuring kilometers - 1828.

That one hurts. One more brevet, and I'd have had over 2000km. But the weather in December started out really awful, and then, well... I just ran out of discretionary time.
One triathlon, second in my age group.

Lots of running at lunch, but no timed events this year. This is fine, because I run because I like to. I'm not ever training for anything. I like the cardio and caloric expenditure benefits.

Goals for next year:
A longer brevet - 400km
Work toward achieving Rickey's 5 hour plan - complete 100km every 5 hours.


Cecil Anne said...

Funny, I don't see a 24-hour fleche in your goals . . .

lynnef said...

Shouldn't you be posting some goals yourself?

bikelovejones said...

Why didn't you include commuting mileage? Just curious. Considering what my all-inclusive mileage was you have lots to be proud of.
Happy riding --Beth

lynnef said...

I never have tracked my commuting mileage. Or my running mileage for that matter.

I was tracking every single mile that I rode, ran, or swam for a work competition (and I came in THIRD in my entire company worldwide), but once that ended, I stopped.

My riding tracking is a spreadsheet, and it wants both miles and time. Maybe this year I'll do it.

Kevin said...

Wow, nice blog entry! Great photos!
Not counting commute miles? Heck, I even started counting the gym bike miles! I need all the help I can get. ;-)

Have fun!