Thursday, January 10, 2008

Our Summer Vacation, Osli to Gyor

Had breakfast with Tom; we talked about the Adventure Cycling loaded touring course and randonneuring. I hauled my suitcase down the steps - I didn't want Bohumil to think he had to lift it!


Out to Osli, about a 45 minute drive from Sopron. It is a quiet little town. Fitz had a flat before we even left (this was the only flat among all of us the whole trip); Marian and Bohumil did a TdF wheel swap. The initial stretch of road was potholed.

Walking home

War memorial in Hungarian village

We saw lots of storks today. I was taking pictures on Arcsalag, and an older couple walking home made sure I saw all the stork nests. The houses all had a long yard, with a garden in the back. And I finally found a thatch-roof house. We were riding through Bosarkany, and saw Kris sitting on the steps of the pub - she said the guys were inside. Pearce and Bohumil appeared shortly thereafter. Kris and I elected to press on; the guys followed later.

Everyone stopped here for a break

Thatch roof

I took more pictures while riding (I'm getting better), including a picture of the Frog Crossing. There is a HUGE frog migration every year.


Frog Crossing

Heading into Lebeny, we passed a large group of younger cyclists, with some adult escorts.

We had an excellent picnic lunch by a 13th century church in Lebeny. However, as we arrived faster than planned, lunch was not quite ready. So we had a walk around, looking at the church, the war memorial, the gardens, the pub...

St Jacobs Church, Lebeny

Marian and Zuzana make lunch

Bicycle outside a pub

Off again, a short stretch of road, then onto a bikepath, pretty much the entire way into Gyor. Fitz was on a mission; Rich, Kris, and I just hung on. Bohumil, too. (Although I expect he welcomed the chance to pick up the pace just a bit).


I had not heard good things about Gyor (industrial, not pretty), but our route in was quite nice. We went through some residential areas, and then dropped right into the center, car-free, part of town.

Lynne arrives in Gyor

Zuzana directed us to the hotel, where we checked in, and set out to find the main attraction - the thermal baths. It was a new, modern complex. Getting checked in was interesting, but we worked it all out. We got space-age bracelets with RFID chips, which let us in, assigned us a locker (we held it up to a sensor, which told us which locker to use), let us IN the locker.

Directional signs

The hottest pool we could find was 37degC. Not hot enough, really. We did score some time on the jets, and camped out there for awhile, then laid around on some lawnchairs and had cold drinks.

Thermal baths in Gyor

Fishermen in Gyor

Pedestrian area in Gyor

Hiked back to the hotel, by way of a synagogue we saw (now a museum), and an ice cream stand.

Synagogue in Gyor

We had our final group dinner this night.

More pictures from day.

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