Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Commuting on the Other Side of the Road

Bleriot and I are here in Histon, just north of Cambridge UK. I successfully commuted today. Scary! The Other Side of the Road issues are going to take getting used to. Plus the buses do not give anywhere NEAR the amount of passing space that a TriMet bus would. Of course, the main street in Histon is 1.5 lanes wide, with on-street parking :-)

Nice scenery, though!
Scene from today's commute

Thanks to Jason for the borrow of his Timbuk2 messenger bag, so I could haul laptop and stuff around - didn't want to pack the rack and briefcase pannier.

Travel notes: international travel still gets 2 bags free. So, still no charge, as Bleriot packed is within allowable weight and size limits (including the Brooks saddle and generator wheel!)

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csuhasc said...

Hey Lynne,
How are you doing. , Saw your mail this morning. It's more than just shocking. Just couldn't imagine.
I was great knowing you, working with you.

Take care,