Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Gitane does Heavy Lifting

I'm off for a business trip, so Gitane had to haul a lot of stuff home today. Plus stopping at Best Buy (needed a new teeny laptop mouse), the bank, and Freddies en route. This meant riding on the gravel stretch home, with relatively fresh gravel. Slow and easy. But, dang, that pannier was heavy!

On the plus side, I'm shifting gears more often in the rear. I have yet to touch the front shifter. I'll remember how to use downtube shifters eventually.

I am apparently ready to ride my bike, do computer stuff, take a swim, and knit, but I have yet to pack any actual clothing...


JKramer said...

Will Gitane be ready for Bikenfest? Might be a good opportunity to test Gitane again just to make sure you have the routine together. Sounds like you can pack a lot of gear. Can you pack a parka and your laptop?

lynnef said...

I do not think Gitane will ever be a rando bike. A "chill" bike and sometime commuter perhaps.

I can pack a parka and a laptop and heavy technical books, but it isn't much fun riding.