Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Riding to Heaven

With detours to the summit of Larch Mountain and Multnomah Falls.


Nat, Cecil, and I set out from Cecil's house to meet Diane at Edgefield. Brief delays - Nat was Out of Uniform and rode home to change, and then I got a flat on 148th.

I had no extra clothing. Cecil kept offering me some, but I declined. It was going to be 90 in Portland, no way was it going to be cold descending Larch Mtn.

Looking east from Womens' Forum State Park

A nice climb up to the summit of Larch - I kept even with Diane. Riding bikes of roughly the same curb weight helps :-)

Diane climbing Larch Mountain

Nat and Cecil beat us up there. Nat occupied himself stripping the huckleberry bushes around the parking lot while Cecil visited the lookout. Diane and I arrived and headed up to check out the view from the lookout; Nat followed right after.

Nat and Diane at the Larch Mountain Lookout
Woman at the lookout: "so, we are at 4000+ feet. How many of those did you ride up?" Me: "all of them."

me with Mt Hood in the background

A few more huckleberries later, we descended, some of us much faster than others. Not chilly at all! I found everyone at Women's Forum, where Diane headed back to Edgefield, and Cecil dangled the promise of ice cream if we rode to Multnomah Falls. And a tailwind on the return.

So, off to the Falls, with extremely interesting wind shear just below Crown Point. Cecil came back to make sure I hadn't been blown away.

Then off to the Falls, which seemed to take no time at all. Clearly I've ridden that stretch a few times this year (this will be time number 4).

Ice cream, of course.

Then heading back, where we stopped at Heaven for documentation. As Cecil says, every cyclist in the area knows this, and the Forest Service just made it official.

Heaven - yeah that's where we rode today

Columbia River Scenic Highway

Then back up to Crown Point (red vines and trying not to be blown over the edge), then down to Edgefield, via Bell Rd and Mershon Rd (turning left to avoid the climb).

Most recent picture looking east from Crown Point

Sweet potato french fries, ice tea and Arnold Palmers, preparing for the last 15 miles of urban riding. At least there would be a tailwind.

A break for sweet potato fries and ice tea at Edgefield

The sun was low and in our eyes. Riding on Division was very challenging. I was so happy to turn off onto 50th. Trees! Shade!

96 miles and change. An Excellent Day for a ride.

All pics here

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