Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cabin Fever Sets In

We are having exceptionally bad weather. As an aside, I'm glad I finished the R-12 the first weekend of December - this past weekend was bad.

Snow. Cold. Yesterday and Sunday, very, very windy. The snow has since morphed into icy roads. The main roads are probably driveable, but I can't get to them - our house is on a hill, and all ways down are steep.

Can't ride. Can't run. I can WALK, and I've been doing that. Sunday, Brian and I hiked to Powells' Book at Cedar Hills Crossing.

Hiking down Center St to Powells Bookstore

I took a 3 mile hike in the neighborhood yesterday - my shorter running route.

Today, I had a utilitarian walk to Fred Meyer and back. We were out of a few essentials, and are expecting more snow/ice/freezing rain tomorrow. I wanted to buy some YakTrax (my Sorels are warm and comfortable, but not slip-proof), but Freddie's didn't have them, and I didn't feel like hiking another couple miles to Joes or Sports Authority. Maybe tomorrow.

Holiday shopping needs to happen, and it isn't.

On the bright side, I did finish my online Flash training class. Lots of knitting getting done, too.


Cecil Anne said...

I picked up a pair of Ice Trekker Ultras at Andy & Bax's


The Portland police came in right after me and bought out the rest of their stock, though.

Cecil Anne said...

Ride indoors? Quel horror!

lynnef said...

Yes. It is even worse than running indoors!

Chuck B. said...

Ah, but the alternative is to lay around and get fat, as I seem to be doing lately...