Saturday, December 27, 2008

Finally Melting!

Our driveway is probably still the most dangerous part, but as it is 50 degrees outside, it should be melted off soon.

So, I'm knitting

Rivendell socks, progressing

Catching up on Battlestar Galactica episodes I've missed (apparently the entire first half of Season Two),

Lighting Hanukkah candles,

Hanukkah, Fifth night

And having a little too much excitement in the cellar. We'd had a very toxic, petroleum-like odor, which was increasing in strength. I was the only one that could smell it for quite a few days. Then... It was coming out of the heating vents, which originate in the cellar (yes, cellar - one must go down a ladder to access it).

I went down to investigate on the 23rd, once someone came over to stand outside in case I was overcome by fumes. The cellar reeked, but I couldn't pinpoint it. So Mr. Hot Water Heater came by on the 24th - not that. Then Mr. Furnace came by a few hours later - not the furnace either, but he was really not wanting to leave until we found it.

Fitz started rummaging around in some boxes, and found a box of really old garden chemicals, one in a metal can that developed a leak. And that was it. So all the affected boxes were hauled out.

In one of them, we found two boxes of floppies. The 5-inchers. Lots of vintage software.

Not to forget the operating system

Oh, and we had our first mail delivery since the 23rd. Timely.

Just in time (not)

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